Daisy Imprints specialises in capturing fingerprints, handprints, footprints, animal prints, drawing, writing and cut out charms in solid silver. Purchased on their own or combined with any of our beautiful handmade products they will bring delight for years to come.

Individual Charms

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  • All charms are handmade and hand engraved by me to order in 99.9% solid silver.
    Each piece of jewellery is handmade to order in 92.5% sterling silver.

    All charms will be supplied on a soldered jump ring unless sold with additional items, or soldered onto an existing piece of your own jewellery.

    The charms can be soldered onto spacers or lobster clips (at a cost of £5.00) so that you can attach and remove your treasured charm and move it around any items of jewellery.

    Alongside the print I am able to engrave names and dates on the front and reverse of the charms, engraving is included in the price. We will discuss your requirements as you place your order.

    Prints can only appear on one side of the charm.

    As an alternative to having a print on a charm, why not include a cut out heart with personalised engraving, creating a beautiful gift and an alternative to the prints. These charms are priced the same as fingerprint charms.

    ​I can create charms from writing – such as a loved one’s signature. These charms are priced the same as hand/foot/animal print charms.

    Price of handprint, footprint and animal print charms includes the inkless wipe kit used to take the print. Price of fingerprint charms taken remotely includes the putty kit.

    I am able to offer two different finishes to hand, foot and animal prints  - not oxidised or oxidised (ie blacked out as my engraving is). My usual method is not oxidised.

    Further examples of both can be seen on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

    I will confirm your preference as I take your order.