The Process

For online orders, I send you a kit in the post for you to take the fingerprint, handprint, footprint, or animal print with either a putty kit or an inkless wipe kit. Once the print is returned to me I can recreate the image as a beautiful silver charm. Order online today to receive your kit to get started!


When I work in person, I usually take prints directly into precious metal clay (PMC). I work with the clay, rolling and shaping it, before gently pressing into it (just like playing with playdough!). The charm that is created in front of you is the charm you receive back. Separate prints need to be taken for each charm required. To book an in-person appointment (Manchester Area only), feel free to message me by email or WhatsApp.

I carry out the next processes on my own, drying the clay, sanding, engraving and then placing each charm in my kiln. Once the product is hardened in the kiln, I polish, tumble, and finish the product to my own exacting standards to ensure that you have the perfect gift to treasure.
Once the charm has been finished it is ready to be created into beautiful pieces of jewellery or alternative gifts such as picture frames.

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Amanda and Angelica Foot.jpg

How to Order

I am based in Cheadle, Cheshire and am available to book appointments at my home. Please message me via email or WhatsApp to book an in-person appointment. Alternatively, you can order online and receive the DIY print kit to take your prints at the comfort of your own home from anywhere within the UK. Shop Now online to get started!

For local customers, why not arrange with some friends to get together and I can join the party to take the prints whilst having a display of the products on offer? The party host will then receive a discount on any items they buy, depending on the sales at the party.
I can work with local schools, nurseries, play centres and shops to promote and provide an opportunity to take orders and prints. Please lookout for the promotion of my products in your area via Facebook.

I also liaise with funeral directors, hospitals and hospices to take prints of loved ones recently deceased. Please contact me in confidence if you would like to discuss this with me. I feel truly honoured to be able to work with families at such a sad time. I take a deposit of £25.00 prior to each visit (£10.00 additional for each print taken in PMC). This will be deducted from the total once the order is placed.


Payment via:

Online Payment:  at time of order

Bank transfer:      within three days of order

Paypal:              within three days of order

Cash:                at time of order/delivery

Cheque:            at time of order/delivery

Single charms and rings will be sent at a cost of £2.50 for Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded Delivery.

Cost of delivery for outside UK will be confirmed at time of order.

Larger items will be packaged in my personalised gift bags then returned to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery, at a cost of £6.50 which is taken at the time of placing your order.

Delivery will be between 2-4 weeks from taking the initial order. 

Items can be collected by arrangement.

Privacy Information

In line with GDPR (25th May 2018) I confirm that all information collected for each individual order is kept on paper file for the purposes of me completing each order. This includes: name, phone number, email address and address. I keep copies of all paper order forms.

For hand, foot, and animal prints I keep the prints on paper with the order forms and electronically filed under name and date to enable me to complete repeat orders.

No data is collated or shared with any other parties other than the name relating to each order as I pass my completed charms over for soldering.

Your questions answered

Do I have to have a Fingerprint, Handprint, Footprint or Animal Print?

No, I can create charms with tiny heart cut outs and add dates, names or occasions depending on your requirements.

This still creates a beautiful and unique personalised gift.

Do you cover the whole of the UK?

For online orders, I am able to cover the entirety of the UK! For in-person appointments, I am based and work around the North West of England. Whilst I need to be present to take prints directly in the silver clay (my original method) I am able to send putty kits for you to capture fingerprints remotely and inkless wipe kits in order for you to take your own handprints, footprints, or animal prints. Once the prints are returned to me I can then reproduce them on beautiful solid silver charms.

I can also provide beautiful, bespoke charms and pieces of jewellery by creating charms with drawings, writing and cut-outs, or just engraving.

No matter where you are - please contact me with your requirements.

What is included in the price?

The price of the charm includes the putty or inkless wipe kit and/or my time in taking the print, engraving of eg ‘Name x’ on the front and eg ‘DOB’ or ‘age’ on the back.

All charms come on a soldered jump ring unless otherwise agreed.

Can there be a print of both sides of the charm?

No, a print can only appear on one side of the charm as either the finger or stamper (with hand, foot, animal, drawing or writing print) is pressed into the soft clay in order to create the charm.

However, engraving can appear on both sides of the charm.

Can you recreate additional charms from the original print?

When I take the fingerprint in the silver clay itself the print I take is the charm that you receive back. I do not keep moulds or impressions of these fingerprints. When I send you the kit to take the prints yourself I can reuse the same print to create a few different charms. I will keep these impressions but at this time I cannot guarantee that I can use the same impression to create the same print years down the line. I take the hand, foot or animal print with inkless wipes on paper. I then reduce these prints and create stampers which I then keep and can use again to recreate additional charms. The cost of these duplicate charms will be the original cost of the charm less £5.00

What age can prints be taken?

Prints can be taken from any age. 

I have taken the prints of seven-day-old babies up to Grandparents!

Regarding fingerprints, the lines of a child's prints develop over the first 12 months. However there is no guarantee that an eighteen-month-old would have lines in their print, equally a six-month-old may have a lot of lines - it all depends on the child! Whilst no lines may appear on a baby's prints they do provide for gorgeous tiny prints!